Over the course of six weeks this past spring

Over the course of six weeks this past spring, I tackled the last room to be decorated in my dad’s home – his bedroom – as a participant in the bi-annual One Room Challenge. As you can see in the home tour, the rest of the house already has a moody, yet comfortable bachelor pad vibe that I wanted to continue in the bedroom. The room was an off-white when my dad moved in, and the only thing I had changed in the space was the ceiling color, which we painted a pale blue-grey, leftover from the kitchen walls. The furniture in his room was a mix of leftovers from the rest of the house, including a beautiful pair of red leather chairs and a large oriental rug. Although they worked well together, I wanted to free up some space (those armchairs are really huge) and start with a clean slate. The bed and media stand were both IKEA, so they moved along to a new home through Craigslist and we were left with just the mattress in the room, giving me a great opportunity to rethink the room’s layout and color palette.

In a continuation of the rest of the home’s aesthetic, I mixed dark, moody colors in the bedroom with wood and neutrals for a cozy, masculine space. The main challenge in this room was to keep it from becoming a dark cave due to the sole window in the room. I also brought a bit more glamour to this room, walking the fine line between glamorous and masculine that suits a bachelor’s pad perfectly. The introduction of gold elements were softened by the mid-century accents and more traditional wood and leather finishes for a well-balanced design.

After exploring the impact of dark walls in a room, I knew a dark ceiling would actually help expand the room, and the high-gloss Drawing Room Blue by Farrow & Ball provided a hint of reflection that helped this effect tremendously. It turned out to be one of the most striking features in the space and provided a bold element that complemented the patterned curtains behind the bed. The large floor mirror also brought a great presence to the room – the large area of reflection ended up acting as a second window. With the addition of bespoke elements, and some bold design decisions, my father’s bedroom transformed into one of the most interesting rooms in the house. I had so much fun designing this comfortable retreat for him! —Kevin