Maggie Mo

Creative Philosophy

We believe in effortless elegance and homes that are beautiful, balanced and inviting. We take a simple approach, expressing our client's needs and tastes through enduring design.


Team is Everything

It's Maggie's passion and enthusiasm on interior design, and her hand on the work. Each member of our professional design team works passionate towards a single purpose: to create an ideal design for each client. Our team specialized in both residential and commercial projects, extending our one-stop services from luxury residential interiors to high-end retail, office space and commercial designs. 


Strength in Allies

Our strategic partners are an essential part of every successful interior. We have a long list of preferred architects, suppliers, contractors, trades and craftsmen who share our commitment to quality and client care.


Maggie's Bio

Maggie immersed herself in the spirit and lifestyle of unforced elegance and simple sophistication. Raised in Vancouver B.C. Canada, with her interior degree obtained at Middlesex University majoring Interior Architecture. She began a successful foray into home design, developing a design presence that champions the integrity and merging the Western lifestyle with Asia living in the importance of design. Her goal is to take you through creative steps, exposes you to ideas and materials, and helps craft the interior to create your dream home down to the last detail.